Enter for your chance to win a vacation
package for two at Condo-Villagia. Package includes:

during your stay, you will meet one of our counselors for a 30 minutes session
650 $ value, cannot be converted into cash

Expiration Date : February 28, 2013
  • 2 nights, meals with wine included - A treatment of your choice at our aesthetic and beauty centre - evening movie.
  • Bring your swimming suit to take advantage of an Aquafit session

résidence pour personnes retraitées – retiree residence

The Residents’ human rights and dignity should be preserved and respected at all times. Our team of professional care givers and all staff members are deeply attached to human dignity and human rights, which are legitimate aspirations of all individuals.

The Residents will be treated as autonomous respectful individuals in their own right and capable of active participation in the activities of their own choice, worthy of the respect and attentions of all or our staff members.

The Resident will be respected and treated equally by all staff members and care givers, regardless of his/her origins and/or beliefs.

Residents must always maintain a sense of perspective about what really matters to them. They must be assured of their total control over their daily routine and over their life project as a whole. This way, the Residents may clearly define their expectations and the personalized services they desire and/or need.

Residents must always maintain control over their choices. The freedom to choose their private lives, their personal space, the organization of their daily program, their schedule, their meals, their rest, their hobbies and activities, etc.

The Residence will promote healthy living and guarantee quality of care for all its Residents, with a team of qualified, attentive and reassuring professionals – nurses and care givers alike.

The Residence will focus on growing as a community in the total respect of all individuals in a convivial user-friendly atmosphere.

The Residence will make every effort to satisfy the needs of one and all.

The Residence will strive to keep all its Residents happy.